How will you support my practice/research?

The NYC-CDRN will provide patients, clinicians, and investigators a one-stop resources to perform prep-to-research, observational studies, and pragmatic clinical trials with patients and providers form across New York City.

The NYC-CDRN’s data repository and research operations will be launched in 2015.

What is the NYC-CDRN?

The New York City Clinical Data Research Network (NYC-CDRN) brings together nearly two-dozen organizations, which are individually and collaboratively already pursuing data sharing and patient-centered clinical research.

Throughout 2014-15, the NYC-CDRN is developing the capacity to:

  • Create a research-ready dataset of at least 1 million NYC patients that is:
    • ​Secure and does not identify individual patients
    • Comprehensive, using data from EHRs to describe patients’ care experience over time and in different care settings
  • Involve patients, clinicians, and health system leaders in all aspects of creating and running the network
  • Develop the ability to run a clinical trial in the participating systems that fits seamlessly into healthcare operations

The NYC-CDRN is a “network of networks,” building on the strengths of each participating organization, in particular the 6 Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSAs), sharing capabilities across organizations, and facilitating coordinated, patient-centered clinical research within our and across other CDRNs.

The NYC-CDRN is initially funded by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI); additional information about the PCORI Network initiatives can be found here.

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