PCORI Research Methodology

“The PCORI Methodology Report provides minimal requirements to follow in the conduct of scientifically valid patient-centered outcomes research. The report addresses two legislative mandates: the development of methodology standards and development of a model for creating translation tables. It details the context and rationale for the PCORI Methodology Standards, published in late 2012. And it includes stories and examples that illustrate different ways that good methodology makes a difference to patients and their care.” Learn More…

CME/CE Information

Module 1: PCORI Methodology Standards: Basic Context, Role, and Development of Standards in Comparative Effectiveness Research

Module 2: PCORI Methodology Standards: Role of Standards in PCORI Funding Announcements and the Application Process

Module 3: PCORI Methodology Standards: Standards Categories 1 & 2 — Formulating Research Questions and Patient Centeredness

Module 4: PCORI Methodology Standards: Categories 3, 4, & 5 — Data Integrity, Preventing and Handling Missing Data, and Heterogeneity of Treatment Effects

Module 5: PCORI Methodology Standards: Categories 6, 7, and 8 — Data Registries, Data Networks, and Causal Inference

Module 6: Standards for Specific Study Designs: Standard Groups 9 and 10 — Adaptive and Bayesian Trials Designs and Studies of Diagnostic Tests