Frequently Asked Questions

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Health research is the process of finding answers to questions that can improve our health.
The NYC-CDRN is the first time that multiple New York City organizations have come together to gather the health data of over 4 million patients. Through this data, we are creating a private and secure research data network. The NYC-CDRN team of patients, advocates, health providers, and researchers are committed to studying research questions that are important to patients while reaching answers quickly and at a lower cost.
Research questions can come from anywhere, including patients, advocates, doctors, and other researchers.
Your participation in our research truly makes a difference and allows you to play an active role in ground-breaking research that can improve the health of people in New York City and around the globe.
Yes! We are looking for patients to join our listening sessions to contribute research questions and provide feedback. You can also send us questions and comments any time.
Absolutely. The NYC-CDRN collects information from participating hospitals and health centers in a way that protects patient privacy. We follow several important federal rules that protect patient privacy and ensure that we send and store information in a secure way.
The NYC-CDRN collects various medical record information that is important to medical researchers trying to study, compare and discover treatments. This data comes from several major hospitals and health centers around New York City.
Some of the major hospitals and health centers that are making their medical record data available include the Clinical Directors Network, Columbia, Montefiore, Mount Sinai, NewYork-Presbyterian, NYU Langone Medical Center, and Weill Cornell Medical College. The NYC-CDRN will make data available to researchers who want to compare existing treatments and drugs and discover new treatments provided they meet our policies and protect patient privacy.
We strongly believe in the value of research, but it is always your own personal decision whether to participate in one of our research projects. If you never want to be contacted for any NYC-CDRN research project, please visit our opt-out page.