Process to Request Services

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The steps below outline the process Investigators must take to submit service requests to NYC-CDRN.

Note: Some of these steps might be waived or expedited depending on the nature of the request.

Step 1: Investigator Submits Request
Investigator completes a NYC-CDRN Research Partnership Form (RPF) online. All sections of the form must be completed for review:

  • Background (contact information)
  • Research Interest (type of study, services requested)
  • Funding (budget information)
  • Proposal (including: study aims, rationale, relevance to decision makers, methodologies, timelines, data needs including query parameters, patient-centeredness and stakeholder engagement plans)

Step 2: NYC-CDRN Project Operations Conducts a Preliminary Review
A project manager reviews the RPF for completeness and confirms receipt via email. The manager confers with the investigator on any items that are unclear or missing and answers any questions he or she might have.

Step 3: Review Process by the Research Review and Prioritization Group (RRPG)
The Research Review and Prioritization Group (RRPG) is a multi-disciplinary group that meets weekly to evaluate NYC-CDRN Service Requests according to standard review criteria.

  • Completed RPFs must be submitted 5 business days prior to the anticipated review date.
  • The RRPG consults with NYC-CDRN committees to review any pieces of the project that require extra scrutiny, as well as the project’s feasibility and scope.
  • The RRPG may provide feedback to the investigator to strengthen a proposal. Investigators are asked to respond to RRPG comments via email or by joining the next RRPG meeting via teleconference.

Step 4: Investigator Notification
The RRPG advances a recommendation to the Governance Board on a project’s request for approval. The Board has final decision-making power on requests. The manager then notifies the investigator whether the project is approved. If approved and the investigator is submitting an application to a funding opportunity, a Letter of Support is issued.

Step 5: IRB Review and Approval
Upon receipt of project funding or approval, the investigator is responsible for notifying the NYC-CDRN. A project manager reviews the project details with the investigator and facilitates submission of the full protocol to the Biomedical Research Alliance of New York (BRANY) IRB (and for some types of projects, other local IRBs).

Step 6: Provision of Data and/or Services
The manager works with the investigator to complete the data request form, develop a project plan and obtain signed agreements, if applicable. The investigator follows NYC-CDRN policies for accessing NYC-CDRN data.

Step 7: Project Amendment or Extension
Investigators wishing to amend or extend a project must submit a request in writing to the Project Operations team.