The NYC-CDRN is a team of patients, providers, caregivers, advocates and researchers committed to making New York City the healthiest city in the nation.

Our plan is to…

Engage patients.
We want to work as a team to answer questions that are important to patients, their families, and their doctors — and reach answers quickly and at a lower cost.

Embed research in healthcare.
We aim to have research drive clinical decisions. Our research will be patient-centered and apply solid evidence to improve medical outcomes. We are starting our focus with research questions related to obesity, diabetes, and cystic fibrosis.

Put together a research data network.
We are striving to improve research by bringing together this city’s greatest hospitals to compile data collected by doctors from millions of New Yorkers in a way that ensures privacy and security. We plan to put all of our data in one safe place, where researchers and community members can privately access and use that information to work toward ways to prevent and treat illness.

We want your input.

Share your health interests with us.

  • What do diabetes and depression have to do with one another?
  • What’s the best nutrition plan for cystic fibrosis?
  • Do specific medicines make it easier to lose weight?
  • What questions do you have about your health conditions or your community?
  • What questions do you have about the community that you live in?

We want to incorporate the ideas, questions, and leadership of patients, doctors, and advocates so that we can be sure that research is done the best way for you.

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Together we can find answers that will save lives.