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Patient-Centered CER of Home-Based Interventions to Prevent CA-MRSA Infection Recurrence Research Summary

Investigator: Jonathan Tobin, Ph.D., Clinical Directors Network

Purpose: This study will work with a research network of primary care doctors’ offices and Rockefeller University to:

  1. engage clinicians and their patients in identifying and developing English- and Spanish-language health education materials about CA-MRSA;
  2. improve the delivery of a home visit program, by community health workers (CHWs)/Promotoras from the health centers, that focuses on patients’ greatest concerns (e.g., infections returning, spreading to others); and
  3. compare the effectiveness, in preventing reinfection and household transmission, of standard care with and without CHW/Promotora home visits plus household decolonization and decontamination.


The projected outcomes and goals include:

  1. development of the intervention, a study manual, training materials, Internet-based training for clinicians, and ways to make sure the right care is given;
  2. a protocol for finding patients who need this care and making sure they get the care they need;
  3. a data system that can be used everywhere via the Internet;
  4. participation of five community health centers and 278 patients and the completion of 556 home visits; and
  5. a 50 percent reduction in recurrence of CA-MRSA infection.